William LEMON born 1798 in Buckland Brewer. Married

Tamsilia STEVENS, baptised 1 Jan.1803 in Westleigh, on 2 Mar.1826 in Westleigh.

They had the following children..

v Mary LEMON baptised 28 May 1826 in Westleigh

v John LEMON baptised 13 Apr.1828 in Westleigh

(John had a son William John who was Sub-Postmaster in Westleigh for many years)

v Elizabeth LEMON baptised 7 Mar.1830 in Westleigh

v Catherine LEMON baptised 1 Jan.1832 in Westleigh

v Edward LEMON born circa 1834

v Rebecca LEMON baptised 5 Apr.1835 in Westleigh

v Sarah LEMON baptised 5 Apr.1835 in Westleigh

v Eliza LEMON baptised 11 Feb.1838 in Westleigh

v Lucy LEMON baptised 12 May 1839 in Westleigh

v Margaret LEMON baptised 20 Dec.1840 in Westleigh

v Amelia LEMON baptised 18 Dec.1842 in Westleigh

v William LEMON baptised 1 Jun.1845 in Westleigh

Robert Henry LEMON born 2 Dec.1851 in Appledore. Married

Harriet OLIVER, born circa 1848 in Westleigh, on 15 Sept.1877 in Westleigh.

They had the following children..

v Harriet Ann LEMON born circa 1878 in Westleigh

v Helen Oliver LEMON born 26 May 1879 in Westleigh

v Edith Louisa LEMON baptised 30 Aug.1885 in Westleigh

v Robert James LEMON born circa 1889 in Mylor, Cornwall

(Robert was the Chief Reporter of the North Devon Journal for many years)

Bob Lemon [barumite@ntlworld.com]


There are two families here from different branches of the family. The first of Robert & Harriet is only a tentative line to the Appledore side of the family, I don’t have a positive link. The second of William & Tamsilia is definitely of my line as William is my 4xgreat Uncle, unfortunately the line seems to have died out with the death of William John, the Sub-Postmaster in 1906. A lot of the family on both lines are buried in Westleigh Cemetery.