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Westleigh Parish Council Chairman,



EX39 4NN

Tel: 01271 860393

13th, January, 2016

Dear Councilor,

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday, 3rd, February, 2015, at 7.30pm, in the Village Hall, Westleigh, to consider the following business:


1) Apologies – Councillor J. Edwards

2) Disclosure of Interests:

a. Register of Interests: Members are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.

b. To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary or Other Interests in items on the agenda and their nature.

3) Chairman to Move: That meeting now be adjourned for Open Forum.

4)           a. Open Forum:

                  Residents are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on issues on this      

                  agenda or raise issues for future consideration.
                 b. Police, County and District Council Ward Members Reports.

. Chairman to Move: To close the adjournment

5). Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd December, 2015.

6)  Matters arising/review of agreed actions.

7)  Review of Parish Projects/actions

       a)  Westleigh footpath – Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts

       b)  Highways/maintenance – Cllrs L. Gear

       c)  Website – Cllr K. Griffin.

       d)  Community consultation event – Cllr K. Griffin/Clerk.

       e)  Parish noticeboards – Cllr. K. Griffin.

       f)  Progress report on Local Green Space between Northam & Appledore – Cllr L. Burgess.

8)  Co-option of new councilor.

9)  Correspondence.

10) Finance

       a) Payments.

       b) Financial summary.

       c) Precept/budget 2016/17.

11) Planning

       a)  New applications

       b)  Planning decisions

12) Agenda items for the next meeting.

13) Any other items at the Chairman’s discretion.

The Clerk requires 5 days’ notice of any items to be raised by Councilor’s.

All Parishioners are welcome to attend.  

Yours sincerely,    

Cllr. K. Griffin (Chairman)