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Minutes of the Meeting of the Westleigh Parish Council held at the Village Hall on Wednesday, 5th, April, 2017 at 7.30pm to consider the following business:

Present:   Cllr. K. Griffin (Chairman), Cllr. L. Burgess, Cllr J. Edwards, Cllr L. Gear.

In attendance:   M. Harris (Parish Clerk), Cllr. F. Biederman and 8 members of the public.

MH04/17.1: Apologies:   Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts, Cllr B. Moores

MH04/17.2: Declaration of Interest and Dispensations

To receive declarations of personal and disclosable pecuniary interests in respect of items on this agenda.

Cllr J. Edwards declared an interest in respect of item 6 b) on the agenda

MH04/17.3 Minutes of previous meeting.

Minutes – to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 1st, March, 2017.

Resolved: that the draft minutes of the meeting held on the 1st March, 2017, be approved a true and accurate record. Proposed by:  Cllr L. Gear and Seconded by Cllr K. Griffin.

There were no matters arising.

MH04/17.4 Correspondence and Communication


Christie Estates – e-mails relating to Sticks Meadows.  Cllr K. Griffin confirmed that notice has been served on the tenants, and in time this should improve the access to the footpath, and improve the area surrounding the field.

Grant Thornton – Notification of the annual return – for information.

DCC – Notification of County Council election – for information.

NDC – no report.

DCC – Cllr F. Biederman reported that the Waste Transfer Station had now been approved to be located near the Depot in Roundswell.  This should reduce the demand for landfill sites.

Public Session – Residents are invited to give their views and questions for the Parish Council on issues on the agenda, or raise issues for future consideration.

8 residents were present at the meeting.  The following issue were raised:

Clarification was requested over the current status of a potential planning application at Knapp House.  Cllr L. Burgess explained that she had attended a recent consultation event to view the proposals to develop the site.  The proposals include provision for 60 holiday units, a Reception building and a swimming pool.  Action Point:  The Clerk to contact Torridge District Council to request an update on the proposals, and confirm that the Parish council would like to be given the opportunity to be consulted on the application.

The Chairman, Cllr k. Griffin proposed that item 6 on the agenda – Planning matters be moved to the front of the agenda after the public session.  All agreed.

Cllr J. Edwards requested that he be given the opportunity to make a statement in respect of the planning appeal in respect of the erection of one dwelling adjacent to 6 Langmead, Westleigh.

Cllr J Edwards stated that an appeal had been lodged against the decision of North Devon Council in respect of the open market dwelling.  In addition, the policy of NDC in respect of local need dwelling is being disputed, in particular the requirement to provide a named individual that fits the required criteria.


Planning matters

a)  No new applications.

b)  Planning decisions

Cllr J. Edwards left the meeting for this item.

Notification of planning appeal – Land Adj 6 Langmead Westleigh.

Discussion took place on the response to the appeal.  It was agreed to send a a letter to the planning inspectorate to reiterate the Parish Council continued opposition to the planning application on the basis of the reasons set out in the letter to NDC dated 10th October, 2017.  Action Point:  The Clerk to draft a response to the planning inspectorate and circulate to Councillors for comments, prior to posting.

c)  Other planning issues

Cllr J. Edwards re-joined the meeting.

Cllr J. Edwards raise an question relating to the provision of 199 houses on the land above middle dock.  Action Point:  The Clerk to contact TDC to check the status of the proposed development.

MH04/17.6 Financial matters

a)  Current financial position.

The Clerk reported that the current bank balance is £4,850, with deductions, if approved, the balance is £4,468.

b)  To receive accounts for payment

NDC – Salary recharge Parish Clerk - £334.96 – cheque no 100419

Taw & Torridge Estuary subscription 2017/18 - £20 – cheque no 100420

Clerks expenses - £24.75 – cheque no 100421

Mrs S. Squire – £2.75 training cost – code of conduct – Cllr L. Burgess-  cheque no 100422

MH05/17.7:  Review of Parish Projects, and other requested agenda items

a)  Westleigh Footpath – As per previously agreed action.  Quote to be obtained for footpath surfacing.

b)  Maintenance – Cllr K .Griffin reported that five quotations had been received for the work.  He confirmed that that a local appointment had been made, and work will commence in mid-April.

c)  Countryside Wildlife Fund – Cllr L. Burgess lead a discussion on options for developing projects to enable an application to the Fund.  An option to undertake a survey of local wildlife was seen as a good starting point.  In terms of how this is taken forward views varied in respect of the parish council’s role in taking this project on.  Suggestions to consult with the community were put forward with a longer term objective to establish a community group.  It was agreed to undertake more research and discuss this item again at the next parish council meeting.

d)  Assets of Community Value – Cllr K. Griffin reported that conformation had been received from NDC that the Westleigh Inn was now registered as an assets of community value.  He confirm that there has been some interest in operating and reopening the pub.

e)  Defibrillator – Cllr K. Griffin confirmed that the unit was now fixed to the wall near the Westleigh Parish noticeboard.  The unit was now insured by the parish council.  The parish would need to cover the cost of providing power to the unit.  Action point:  The clerk to investigate the preferred method of payment for the electricity.

f)  Annual Governance Statement – The Clerk introduced the statement for 2017/18.

Resolved:  That the Annual Governance Statement for 2017/18 be approved.

Proposed by Cllr L. Gear, and seconded by Cllr L. Burgess

g)  Website – Cllr K. Griffin confirmed that arrangements have now been finalised to establish a new website, and the site is now up and running.  Colin Frajbis has kindly agreed to manage the site.  The cost to register the site is £30 per year.

MH04/17.8: – Agenda items for the next meeting

Westleigh Footpath

Countryside Wildlife Fund/Role of the Parish Council

Assets of Community Value

Councillors Code of Conduct

MH04/17.9: - Other items at the discretion of the Chairman:

No items.

The meeting concluded at 9.05pm.

The next meeting of the Annual meeting Parish Council will take place on a Wednesday, 24th, o May, 2017. Commencing at 7.30pm, to be followed by a Parish Council Meeting.  Venue:  Westleigh Village Hall.