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Westleigh Parish Council Minutes of a meeting of the Westleigh Parish Council held on Wednesday 31st January 2018 in the Westleigh Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm

Present:  Cllr K. Griffin (Chairman), Cllr L. Gear, Cllr. L. Burgess, Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts, Cllr B. Moores, Cllr S, Ettling.

In attendance:   Mr M. Harris – Parish Clerk, Cllr F. Biederman – Devon County Council.

Cllr K. Griffin thanked all Councillors for keeping parish business going during his absence.  A special thanks to Cllr L. Gear for stepping in as chair.

MH01/18.1: Apologies:  Apologies were recorded from Cllr J. Edwards.

MH01/18.2: Declarations of Interest. Members were reminded that all interests must be declared prior to the item being discussed.

No declarations for this meeting.

MH01/18.3 Minutes of the meeting held on the 15th, November 2017

To confirm and sign the minutes of the Westleigh Parish Council Meeting held on the 15th November 2017.

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the Westleigh Parish Council meeting held on the 15th November 2017, as a correct record

Proposed: Cllr K. Farrell - Roberts and seconded by Cllr L. Gear

Matters arising therein – there were no matters arsing

MH01/18.4 Correspondence and Communication

a)  To receive a summary of correspondence:

1. Boats moored in the Estuary – various emails.  A discussion took place on the issue of the boats providing much needed living accommodation.  It was agreed that the issue of the provision of social housing was complex, with no easy solution.

2.Town & Parish Fund - Feedback form the meeting held on the 29th Jan – Cllr B. Moores attended the meeting on the 29th January and reported back that an allocation of £1,000 had been agreed as a contribution towards the improvements to the Westleigh footpath.  In the next round the priority will be work on the new bus shelters in Instow.

3. Potholes – an email had been received from Paul Fronteras reporting potholes on the junction with Manteo Way lower road.  Action Point:  The Parish Clerk to report the potholes to DCC Highways.

4.  Knapp House planning application – Cllr L. Burgess – item to be discussed under planning matters agenda item 6.c).

County and District Council – Ward Members Reports

Devon County Council – Cllr Biederman

Reported that this is a busy period for DCC, with budget setting.  Noted that Council tax can now increase by 2.99% without capping.  It is likely that DCC will look to increase to that limit.  In respect of Adult Social Care there will be a 6% increase in spending, and a 4.7% increase in Children’s Services.  Reported that the independent group of DCC Councillors have concerns with the proposed developments in the Health Services Accounting Care Organisation/Services in the area and will closely monitoring any developments.

It was agreed that the Parish Clerk would pass on thanks to the DCC staff for their swift and professional response to the recent flooding incidents.

North Devon Council – Cllr B. Moores

No major items to report.

It was agreed to bring forward agenda item 7 a – Westleigh Footpath to this part of the agenda.

Westleigh Footpath

Cllr K. Farrell- Roberts reported back on a recent meeting with the DCC Footpaths Officer, who advised that planning’s should be put on the length of the footpath, approximately 1 meter wide, and to a depth of ¾ inch.  Quote for the work is awaited.  Cllr F. Biederman advised that if will be necessary for the landowner to apply for a Mineral Exception License.

The Parish Clerk reported that another quote for the work had been received but exceeded the allocated budget.

A vote of thanks was recorded to Martin Caddy for a speedy response and professional advice.

Action Points: The Parish Clerk to complete the TAP application.  Cllr Farrell – Roberts to contact the landowner re the Mineral Exception Certificate.  Cllr F. Biederman to forward the quote for the work to the Parish Clerk.

Public Session – no members of the public were present at the meeting.

MH18/18.05:  Finance

a)  Financial summary

The Clerk confirmed that the current balance in the Parish account is £5,309.  The final balance is estimated to be in line with previous years at £4,800.

b)  Payments

The following payments were put forward for final approval:

1. Grant to support the production of the Parish Newsletter -£160 – cheque no 100443

2. Grant to support the provision of the Westleigh Village Hall - £266- cheque no 100440

3. North Devon Council – Parish Clerk Quarterly Salary - £491 – cheque no 100441

It is Resolved to approve payment for the above items.

Proposed: Cllr L Gear, Seconded: Cllr K. Farrell - Roberts (all in favour).  

c)  Income received:

No income had been received since the last meeting.

d)  Any other financial matters

There were other financial matters

It was resolved to approve all payments.

Proposed: Cllr L. Burgess, seconded: Cllr L. Gear. (all in favour)

MH01/18.6:  Planning

a) New applications

Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) attached to planning permission 58678(First Floor Balcony) SwiftSure, Lodge Mount Pleasant, Bideford.

Action Point:  Parish Clerk to circulate the application for Councillors comments.

Listed building application partial removal of interior walls at Little Pill Head Road to West Webbery, Bideford.

Application noted, no comments from the Parish Council

b)  Planning decisions

 None received.

c)  Other planning

Knapp House – Cllr L. Burgess reported that the application was being considered by Torridge District Council on the 1st February.  Noted that the application may be deferred to enable English Heritage to undertake an impact assessment on Tapeley Park.  Noted that Officers had recommended that planning permission be granted.

MH01/18.7  Parish Policy Review – Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Register of Interests

The Parish Clerk reminded all Councillors that any changes to their register of interests should be reported. It was agreed to adjust the financial regulations to include flexibility to approve budgeted expenditure between Parish Council Meetings.

Action Point: The Parish Clerk to set out suitable wording for the adjustment to financial regulations and circulate to all Councillors.

8) MH01/18.8:  Review of Parish Projects, and other requested agenda items:

a)   Westleigh Footpath

Discussed earlier in the agenda.

b)  Developing a Parish Action Plan

Agreed that the Parish Consultation Event would be deferred to the middle of May.

d) Taw & Torridge Estuary Forum

Cllr L. Burgess reported back on the key items from the recent meeting;

Noted that Tony Pratt was to continue as Chair.

Pollution of waste and impact of storm damage at Grey sands adjacent to the 8th hole at RND Golf Course. Temporary work is underway to protect the area, but it is acknowledged that meetings will need to take place to discuss a longer-term solution.

Noted that there is to be a meeting to discuss new proposals for the redevelopment of the Richmond Dock in Appledore.

At the next meeting of the Forum representatives of Surfers against Sewage will attend to discuss how individuals and Parish/District Councils   can help with this initiative.  Cllr B. Moores reported that NDC were also working with the group, and that it may be appropriate for the group to attend a future Parish Meeting.  

f)  Westleigh Cricket Club

Following discussions with representatives from the Club, it was agreed to request that the club confirm financial figures for the shortfall in funds to start work on the replacing of the clubhouse.

Action Point:  The Parish Clerk to contact the club to request financial information on the rebuild.

MH01/18.9: – Agenda items for the next meeting:

Westleigh Footpath  

Taw & Torridge Estuary

Parish Action Planning

Finance – budget outturn 2017/18.

Defibrillator – coordination of training.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on a Wednesday, 28th, March 2018. Commencing at 7.30pm.  Venue:  Westleigh Village Hall.