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Dear Councilor,

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday, 21st, November 2018, at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, Westleigh, to consider the following business:


1) Apologies – apologies received in respect of the meeting.


2) Declarations of Interests - to receive declarations of interests from Councillors


To declare any Disclosable, Pecuniary or other Interests in items on the agenda and their nature.


3)  Minutes – to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 19th September 2018.

 Review of actions agreed at the last meeting.

4) Correspondence and Communication:

     a)   to receive a summary of correspondence – Chair/Clerk:

     b)  County and District Council Ward Members Reports – to receive a verbal or e- mail update


At the discretion of the Chairman, any member of the public may speak between items 4 and 5.

5).  Financial matters:

      a)  To receive an update on the current financial position.

      b)  To receive accounts to pay.

      c)   To note any income received.

      d)   Any other financial matters arising – Agree budget 2019/2020, agree precept.

6)   Planning matters:

       a)  New applications.           

       b)  Planning decisions.

       c)  Other planning issues – 3, Oxmans Cottage, Myrtle Cottage.

7)  Review of Parish Projects, and other requested agenda items:

       a)   Westleigh Footpath.

       b)   Parish Plan Action Plan.

       c)   Additional hours - Clerk – Parish Plan.

       d)   Housing Needs Survey/Loans for Housing Repairs.

       e)   Highway Issues – Traffic Refuge – Westleigh Junction, Eastleigh speeding, Footpath bus


        f)   Defibrillator Awareness Session – 22nd November, 2018.


8)   Agenda items for the next meeting.

The Clerk requires 5 days’ notice of any items to be raised by Councilor’s.

All Parishioners are welcome to attend.     

Cllr. K. Griffin (Chairman)