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Minutes of the Westleigh Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 4th March 2020 19.30hrs

In attendance – Cllrs Fairbrother, Gear, Burgess, Frajbis, Heard, Farrell-Roberts, and Devon County Councillor Biederman

Parish Clerk – Roger Levick


1. Apologies received in respect of the meeting – Selaine Saxby MP

2. Declarations of Interest – to receive Declarations of Interests from Councillors of any disclosable, pecuniary, or other Interests in items on the agenda – There were no declarations of interest

3. Minutes – to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 6th November 2019 and any matters arising – agreed as a true and accurate record

4. Co-option of Parish Councillor – no response received from applicant so this agenda item will now be placed on the back burner

5. Correspondence and Communications – to include a summary of C&C received from the Chair and Clerk – Letter received from DALC regarding Coronavirus measures that all can take. Up to date information available at www.devon.gov.uk   Letter from Cllr Burgess re fly tipping in Westleigh(now dealt with by District) Letter from Jenny Stevens (ND Healthcare NHS Trust) regarding Dementia Friend Information Service, and an offer to run a session in the Parish. Cllr Biederman informed the Council that Fremington were holding a session, and Westleigh could possibly be included in that. Letter from our MP regarding her availability, and details of her website www.selainesaxby.org.uk

6. County and District Ward Members reports – Cllr Biederman updated the Council on the County Budget which received £3m more this year which was a positive in his words, and a reminder that the Devon County Council has a ‘reporting’ section where information can be placed, or read to see if something has already been reported. The 4 Parish (2 representatives per Parish) meeting has been placed on hold for now

Public Session – at the discretion of the Chair, any members of the public may speak following item 5 and before item 6

7. Finance – to receive an update on the current position, to receive accounts to pay, to note any income received, and any other matters relating including confirmation of Budget for 2020/21 – agreed payments of £160 to the Parish Magazine, and £258 for the electrical installation of the defibrillator. Additionally £130 (cheque and cash) had been donated by Eastleigh residents towards the costs, and this would be paid into the WPC account. The 2020/21 budget was discussed and amended, and will now be placed on the notice boards

8. Planning matters – no matters arising

9. Westleigh Footpath – no further action has been taken apart from the resurfacing of the area outside the Parish Hall which was part of the overall consideration of safety and convenience

10. Eastleigh Defibrillator – now installed and working. Date for training is 31st March at Westleigh Parish Hall 7-9pm (now cancelled due to Coronavirus). The Emergency Services now need to be informed of the Defibrillator

11. Highway issues – Cllr Biederman has personally looked at the areas raised at last months meeting, and some works have been done, as well as referring other works to Torridge District Council.

12. Environmental issues – update and plans for future meeting invites – following the meeting with Andrew Woollacott, Cllr Burgess sent out a comprehensive precis of the meeting, and this was discussed. The Council was unanimous in deciding that ‘nothing had changed’ regarding the WestLiving issues, and that the PC should write again to AW, on behalf of the WPC, once he had received Phil Beale’s ideas for a more permanent ‘fix’, asking what actions would or could be proposed. A letter had been received from Cllr Netti Pearson (NDDC) stating what actions were being planned by local Parishes for the ‘Climate’ week – the PC was tasked to reply saying that WPC were being active on tree planting, and in discussion with Tapeley and local farmers regarding flooding, mud run off from fields, hedge heights, and field margins. The aim being to work towards increased sustainability and biodiversity.

13. Bus shelter – mural and sponsorship update – currently being worked on

14. Summer Fete – next meeting on Monday 9th March at the Westleigh Inn at 7pm

15. Agenda items for the next meeting (Wednesday 1st April 2020 – now postponed due to Coronavirus) – none raised

16. The meeting closed at 21.10hrs