Minutes of Westleigh Parish & Parish Council Meeting AGM 2022Wednesday 4th May 2022 7pm

Attendees – Cllr David Fairbrother (Chair), Cllr Chris Heard (Vice-Chair), Cllr Colin Frajbis, Cllr Lesley Burgess, & Cllr Kevin Farrell-Roberts

1. Apologies – DCCllr Frank Biederman, NDCllr (&MP) Selaine Saxby & Cllr Lyn Gear

2. Declaration of Interests – none

3. Chairman’s report – see appendix 2

4. Environment report – see appendix 1

5. Village Hall report – as there is no current representative on the Village Hall Committee, there is no official report. However Cllr Farrell-Roberts informed the meeting that many noticeable improvements had been made, one being the concrete path around the Hall – he also commented that the Hall had benefitted from grants received during Covid and that the finances were in a healthy position.

6. The Chair then stood down, and the Vice-Chair continued the meeting, asking for proposals for Chairman in 2022/3. Cllr Heard proposed and Cllr Farrell-Roberts seconded that Cllr Fairbrother should continue. Unanimous decision, and he resumed as Chair. The Chair then proposed and Cllr Burgess seconded that Cllr Heard should be elected Vice-Chair. Unanimous decision, and Cllr Heard accepted

7. The Minutes of the previous AGM (5th May 2021) were accepted as a true and accurate record

8. The following positions were then agreed, Auditor – Cllr Fairbrother proposed and Cllr Heard seconded that Michael Green be appointed. Unanimous. It was agreed to leave the Village Hall representative position, and the Taw & Torridge Forum position open at this time.

9. The 2021/2 Accounts had been agreed and accepted at the April Council meeting

10. The Council agreed that the Chair could sign off the Annual Governance and Accountability Return, once completed

11. The date of the next AGM was agreed as the first Wednesday of May 2023

12. The meeting closed at 7.30pm

Appendix 1 - WPC Annual Environment Report May 4th 2022/ AGM  - Cllr Lesley Burgess

Westleigh Parish Council endeavours to promote and support green initiatives and have been fully supportive of ways to enhance the wildlife in our villages. Wildflower Planting Scheme is now underway. Jez Harris has been engaged by the council to plant bulbs throughout the village. He begun work November 2021 and by 6th January daffodils were already emerging in the verges. This work should be seen as the start of a process, with more planting of wild flowers, such as fritillaries and primroses to follow. Jez wants to assure the council, that he will continue to keep the grass tidy and strim the grass and overgrown plants.

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