May 2022 - Westleigh Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Held at Westleigh Parish Hall on Wednesday 4th May 2022 7.30pm

Attendees – Cllr David Fairbrother (Chair) Cllr Chris Heard (Vice-Chair), Cllr Lesley Burgess, Cllr Colin Frajbis, Cllr Farrell-Roberts and the Parish Clerk (Roger Levick)

1. Min 22 22/23 – Opening of the meeting at 7.30pm

2. Min 23 22/23 – Apologies. DCCllr Frank Biederman, NDCllr (&MP) Selaine Saxby, & Cllr Lyn Gear.

3. Min 24 22/23 – Councillors Declarations of Interest. None declared

4. Min 25 22/23 – To confirm and agree to the signing of the minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2022. Unanimously agreed

5. Min 26 22/23 – matters arising. Following discussions with DALC, it was agreed to hold a Councillor training session on Monday 18th July at 2pm (2.5hrs). Potential to include Instow Cllrs to reduce cost to WPC

6. Min 27 22/23 – Correspondence & Communincations. A letter from Jay’s Aim, the company who delivered the Defibrillator training, thanking WPC for the cheque – a notification from the North Devon Link Road that tree stump removal will recommence as the Dormice hibernation period has expired – a notice from Devon County Council regarding Landowner Deposits under section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 and section 15A(1) of the Commons Act 2006 (full notice on Westleigh notice board). Comments were made by individual Cllrs regarding the quality of the training session run by North Devon Council on the Code of Conduct, and their disappointment on its delivery. Cllr Burgess asked a question (for clarification purposes) at the event, as to whether Councillors needed to declare membership of the Masons on their registration of interests pro-forma? No answer forthcoming as yet, although the guidelines seem very clear in that they do!

7. Min 28 22/23 – Public Session. No members of the public attended, although concerns had been expressed to individual Cllrs, as to the safety of the tree trunk balanced in the hedge on the left just past Well Cottage. The Clerk tasked to write to the Old Vicarage stating concerns if it should fall into the road.

8. Min 29 22/23 – County & Ward reports. There was no report from County, and NDCllr Saxby reported via email, that there she had nothing specific to report.

9. Min 30 22/3 – Finance. The Council agreed to cover the additional cost of the Swallow & House Martin nesting boxes. £120 had been agreed, but the total was £141.89 – unanimous. Total balance deducting the cheque written is £5964.51

10. Min 31 22/23 – Defibrillator training. The Council were unanimous in their appreciation.

11. Min 32 22/23 – Second Homes. The Clerk (on Cllr Frajbis recommendation) had been in contact with St Agnes Parish Council, regarding what they were doing in the way of limiting the amount of second homes in their area. After much discussion, it was agreed that conditions were considerably different in St Agnes compared to Westleigh, and that more investigative work needs doing. On hold for the present time

12. Min 33 22/23 – Neighbourhood Plan. It was agreed to leave this on hold until written feedback could be obtained from a contact of Cllr Heard, on the possible pitfalls and expenses likely.

13. Min34 22/23 – Planning. The Clerk was tasked to write to Torridge District Council asking that Westleigh Parish Council be included on all communications relating to planning matters that affect the wider landscape and public views from the Parish of Westleigh, including the dates of any hearings. The Chair agreed to write to TDC expressing WPC’s objections to Planning Application 1/0205/2022/OUTM. Cllr Burgess wanted to know if Tapeley had submitted an objection – Cllr Gear to find out.

14. Min 35 22/3 – Ad Hoc Jubilee celebrations. There will be a very laid back ‘bring your own food’ celebration at the Village Hall on the afternoon of Saturday the 4th June. This will now mean that the proposed late celebration’ at Tapeley in September, will be cancelled.

15. Min 36 22/23 – AOB. After a short discussion, it was decided to purchase gate springs to be placed on the footpath gates leading down to the main road. Chair to organise

16. Min 37 22/23 – Next meeting. The next meeting will be held on June 8th, which is the second Wednesday of the month, as the 1st June falls in the middle of the ‘Jubilee’ week.

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