The purpose of this plan is to

provide a self help response, particularly shelter, during any emergency affecting the community, when the normal emergency response provided by the Emergency Services and the Local Authorities is delayed, because of the scope and nature of the emergency.


Activation.  This plan will be activated whenever the Parish Council / Emergency Management Team consider it necessary. North Devon. District Council to be advised that the plan has been activated. Telephone contact numbers are;

Working hours   01271 388870……………………………

Out of hours        01271 388240……………………………….

Community Response. The Emergency Management Team, appointed by the Parish Council, will use the personnel and resources, indicated below, to respond to the emergency affecting the community as seems appropriate.


Emergency Management Team


a. Team Leader Kevin Farrell-Roberts Phone: 01271 861842

b. Team    {Westleigh)

d. Team    ( Eastleigh )

e. Team/Emergency Accommodation (Hall) John Humphris           01271 860708

If Land line phones not working try Mobil number 07964426214


Call any team member who will contact other team members

 Give following information


Telephone ( If working)

Type of  Emergency

Area or Place

Personnel Willing to Assist


Name                                                                               Any qualifications/expertise

Michele Parks                                                         Nurse

John May                                                               Farmer

Polly Dart                                                              Nurse

Mathew Dart                                                          Telephones

Emma Temple                                                        Children Nurse

Andrew Temple                                                      Surgeon

Callum Birch                                                          Diagnostic Radiographer

Maria Grigg                                                            Diagnostic Radiographer




Type of Equipment/Transport                                      Owner

4 Wheel Drive                                                         John May

4 Wheel Drive                                                         David Grigg

 4 Wheel Drive                                                        Chris Steer


Emergency Accommodation



Village Hall,                                                           Westleigh