It is now hoped to put up a list of Evacuees in Westleigh in the last war, if you have any details please contact Webmaster

Name                        From                 Stayed at                                          Age                  Notes

Patricia Wright          London    Tapeley Park Nursery September/October 1945    2                Now Gordon

Women’s Land Army

We may also add a list of Women’s Land Army girls who worked in Westleigh Parish and notes about them please contact us

From December 1941, all unmarried women between the ages of 19 and 30 were liable to be called up for service in either the armed forces or related war work. Many women volunteered for the Women’s Land Army. Food shortages meant the agricultural industry in Britain had to be re-vitalised. With men away in the armed forces, the ‘Land Girls’ as they became known, helped farmers produce the food Britain desperately needed.