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The present church building dates from the end of the thirteenth century. Monuments both inside and outside the church commemorate the Clevland family, who once lived at Tapeley Manor and the Christie family, to whom the house and estate passed by marriage. There are also monuments to the Berry Torrs, who lived in the littler village of Eastleigh. Some restoration work has been done, and more is envisaged in the near future when funds become available.

The present congregation is small and ‘elderly, though there is a much bigger body of people who come on special occasions and are willing to help in practical ways. The church and the pub are the two main focal points for this community.

St. Peters, Westleigh is part of the United Benefice comprising St. Peters, Westleigh, St. Johns, Instow and St. Peters Fremington.  

At such times, it is good to remember that the Church is not primarily a building or an ordained minister, but rather the people of God. People have worshipped here for hundreds of years and they do so still. Please pray that others in this generation will come to put their trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour, and bear witness for him in this rural community.


SEPT  2021

Sunday 5h


 Sun 19th



As I write this, we have just watched the closing ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic games, still bizarrely known as Tokyo 2020. The games, widely referred to as the Olympics games unlike any other, have succeeded expectations. Many felt they couldn't go ahead, many felt they shouldn't go ahead but against all the odds they did.

We have been treated to breathtakingly performances by our own athletes and those from so many other nations. The worst fears of many about staging these games were thankfully not realised and by the time you read this the Paralympics will be well under way or even completed. No doubt there will have been many more awe-inspiring performances to celebrate. We will continue to feel humbled by those who have overcome so much adversity to reach an incredible standard of achievement. For many athletes one of the hardest things has been to not have their families and supporters there to cheer them on, share in their success and in some cases help them deal with injury or disappointing personal performances. Every athlete interviewed wished to thank their team, their coaches and support staff as well as their loved ones. Nobody can achieve Olympic success alone and I guess that is true for all things in life.

Many volunteers gave up their time to enable the games to happen without them it simply wouldn't have been possible. The role of the volunteer can be overlooked but volunteers underpin so much of what is great about every community activity. If you look through all the activities spoken about in this magazine, so many of them rely on the work of volunteers. Throughout the pandemic the role of volunteers has come into sharp focus, and we are thankful for all they have contributed.  

Many aspects of our lives are beginning to return to something like normal, people have been flocking to North Devon to seek rest and relaxation and to take in the beauty of the surroundings which we can enjoy every day. However, we know that for many of our more vulnerable members of our community, life does not seem anything like normal. The pandemic is not over and especially for those at high risk from Covid it is still a cause of much concern. One of the challenges as we go forward, is how we can make sure that nobody is excluded from community life for reasons of health and disability. Everyone has something to offer.

One of the deeply held values of Christian life is that picture of the whole body of Christ. Everybody has a part to play and the body only works well if everyone's part is included. It is a value which can apply to all aspects of community life not just the life of the church. How might each one of us enable others to take their place in the team? What arrangements may we have to put in place to allow someone else to play their part?

Let us continue to build up our community.

With every blessing,


“If one part suffers, every part suffers with it. If one part is honoured, every part shares in its joy”.                                                                                                                                     1 Corinthians Chp. 12 v 26


SEPT  2021

We are very pleased to say that the glazier Woody Hudson has completed the installation of the 3 restored stained glass panels in the South Transept, east window.  (below) The workmanship is outstanding and we are very grateful for his skill and dedication.    

We are pleased to say that the Ride and Stride event to raise funds for Devon Historic Churches will go ahead.  It will take place on Saturday 11th September.   If you wish to participate, then visit the website. https://nationalchurchestrust.org/devon-historic-churches-trust for further information. This is an opportunity to see our beautiful countryside get some exercise and have fun with a family bike ride.

Date for your diary:

There will be a Harvest Festival Service at 7pm on Friday 8th October, followed by supper at 8pm in the village hall.  Tickets for the supper are £5.  Please contact Julie Grigg on 01237 476260 if you would like tickets.