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Minutes of the Meeting of the Westleigh Parish Council held at the Village Hall on Wednesday 7th, December, 2016 at 7.30pm to consider the following business:

Present:   Cllr. K. Griffin (Chairman), Cllr. L. Burgess, Cllr L. Gear, Cllr B. Moores, Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts, Cllr S. Ettling.  Cllr F. Biederman.

In attendance:   Mr M. Harris (Parish Clerk).

MH012/16.1: Apologies:   Cllr J. Edwards.

MH012/16.2: Declaration of Interest and Dispensations

To receive declarations of personal and disclosable pecuniary interests in respect of items on this agenda.

None received.


a)  Open Forum – Opportunity for residents to ask questions or give their views to the Parish Council on local issues.

No residents present.

b)  County and District Council – Ward Member Reports

Cllr B.Moores – NDC reported on the following matters:

Joint Local Plan has been under examination.  The process is now reaching the end.

Emergency accommodation in adverse weather conditions for rough sleepers provided via the Freedom Centre is no longer available.  However, accommodation has now been provided at the Salvation Army premises in Barnstaple.  There are 12 known rough sleepers in the North Devon District.

A reminder that a pilot for the revised recycling arrangements begins in June 2017.

Refugees – NDC has signed up as an authority to support the refugee crisis.  Confirmation on the level of funding available from the government yet to be confirmed.

Cllr F. Biederman – DCC reported on the following matters:

Cllr L Burgess enquired to the status of the refugees at Beam House.  Cllr F. Biederman explained that the location was a holding unit prior to the allocation of refugees to UK families/friends or other contacts.

Health Service – service current under review.  A motion will be put to DCC to highlight concerns that any additional cuts in funding will impact on patient care, and the services available within North Devon.

DCC Highways emergency winter number is 01392 381459.

There was a discussion relating to an alleged attack that took place near the bus shelter at Westeligh.  Action Point:  Clerk to contact Devon & Cornwall Police for an update.


MH12/16.4 Minutes of the meeting held on the 5th October, 2016:

Resolved: that the minutes of the meeting held on the 5th October, 2016 be approved as a true and accurate record.

Proposed: Cllr L. Gear, and seconded by Cllr S. Ettling. (all in favour)

MH12/16.5 Matters arising/review of agreed actions

Cllr L. Burgess raised an issue relating to the Remembrance Day Service, and the laying of a wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.  It was agreed to confirm arrangements at the Parish Council Meeting prior to the November service.


MH12/16.6:  Review of Parish Action Plan:

a) Westleigh Footpath –  Action Point: Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts to obtain quotations for options to improve the surface of the footpath.

b)  Maintenance Specification – Agreed to draw up the specification to include quality standards for grass cutting, confirm locations for work, and provide maps to assist contractors to submit quotations. Action Point: Cllr K. Griffin to obtain maps, Clerk to revise specification and make arrangements to advertise quotations for the work via the Parish News and Parish noticeboards

c)  Inclusion – Eastleigh and outlying areas of the parish – Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts raised an issue relating to the residents’ interest in the work of the Parish Council.  In his opinion the reduction in the number of Parish meetings and the irregular dates had contributed to a decline in residents’ attendance at the meetings.  Action Point: Clerk to provide a summary of meetings to the Parish News, and provide dates for future meetings.

d) Assets of Community Value – Cllr K. Griffin agreed to contact NDC for more information on the process of registering a community asset. Action Point:  Cllr k. Griffin to complete registration form and forward to NDC.

e)  Compliance with planning and highway regulations – deferred to the next meeting.

MH12/16.7:  Correspondence received:

The Clerk informed the meeting of the following correspondence:

Barnstaple Town Council – SOS Hospital Services – noted and circulated to Councillors.

Nick Arnold – invitation to future meeting of the Parish Council, and request for letter of support for designation of Local Green Space between Northam & Appledore.  Action Point: Clerk to invite Nick Arnold to be guest speaker at the AGM in May.  Resolved: To forward a letter of support for the designation of the Local Greenspace to TDC.  Proposed: Cllr L Burgess.  Seconded: Cllr L. Gear.  Action Point: Clerk to forward a letter to Nick Arnold.

Countryside Wildlife Fund – Action Point:  Cllr L. Burgess to contact Tom Haymes at ND Biosphere Reserve to discuss a potential bid to the fund.

DCC – NDevon refugee briefing – discussed under County Council report.

Brunton Town Council – Impact of closure of Chivinor – discussed at the meeting, agreed that impact would have negative impact on the NDevon economy.


MH12/16.8:  Finance

a)  Financial summary

The Clerk confirmed that the current balance in the Parish account is £6,649.  The projected balance at the 31st March, 2017 is £4,000.

b)  Payments

The following payments were put forward for consideration:

Andy Jacobs – Annual maintenance payment £450.  3 cuts of the footpath, £120 – cheque no 10013 – £570.  Resolved:  To approve the payment of £570. (all in favour).  Proposed: Cllr K. Griffin.  Seconded: Cllr S. Ettling.

Westleigh Church PCC – Request for grant of £266 to assist with the maintenance of the burial ground.  Resolved: to approval a grant of £266.  Proposed: Cllr S Ettling, seconded: Cllr B. Moores.

c) Income received:


Parish Council Expenditure 2017/18 – Discussion took place on the level of precept for 2017/18.

Resolved:  that a precept request for £3,000 be forwarded to NDC.  The precept for 2017/18 will include a parish grant of £523.  Proposed: Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts, seconded: Cllr L. Gear.

MH012/16.9:  Planning

a) New applications – Planning application ref: 62113. Change of use from agricultural to equine & erection of stabling for private use at land at West Ashridge, Eastleigh, Bideford.

b)  Planning decisions – none for this meeting.

c)   Other planning issues – none for this meeting.

MH12/16.10: – Agenda items for the next meeting

Westleigh Footpath – progress report.

Maintenance specification – progress report.

Assets of Community Value – progress report.

Compliance with planning and highway regulations – Cllr J. Edwards


MH12/16.12: – Other items at the discretion of the Chairman:

No items were raised.

The meeting concluded at 9.50pm

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on a Wednesday, 1st, February, 2017. Commencing at 7.30pm.  Venue:  Westleigh Village Hall.


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