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Minutes of the Meeting of the Westleigh Parish Council held at the Village Hall on Wednesday, 20th, May, 2015 at 7.30pm to consider the following business:

Present: Cllr. J. White, Cllr L. Burgess, Cllr. B. Moores.

In attendance: M. Harris (Parish Clerk)

MH05/15.1: Apologies: None

MH05/15.2: Declaration of Interest and Dispensations

2.1 To receive declarations of personal and disclosable pecuniary interests in respect of items on this agenda.

No declarations of interest were received.

MH05/15.3 It was agreed by all Cllrs that Item 13 on the agenda – Co-option of Parish Councillors be brought forward on the agenda.

It was proposed by Cllr L. Burgess, and seconded by Cllr B. Moores that the following be co-opted to the Westleigh Parish Council:

Kevin Farrell – Roberts,

Ken Griffin,

Lyn Gear,

Stephen Ettling

Cllr B. Moores then left the meeting.

Chairman to move: Agreed for the meeting to be adjourned and go into Open Forum.

MH05/15.4 Open Forum – Residents are invited to give their views and questions for the Parish Council on issues on the agenda, or raise issues for future consideration.

No members of the public were present.

Police, County and District Council Ward Members Reports:

a) Police Report – no reported crime since the last meeting held on the 29th, April, 2015.

b) Devon County Council – No report.

c) North Devon Council – No report.

Chairman moved to end the adjournment.

MH05/15.5: Minutes of the Meeting held on the 29th, April, 2015.

Proposed by Cllr K Farrell – Roberts, and seconded by Cllr. J. White that the minutes of the meeting held on the 29th, April, 2015, with one amendment, are approved a true and accurate record. The minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

MH05/15.6: Matters Arising: There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.

MH05/15.7: Review of Parish Action Plan:

Eastleigh Bench

Application form now nearing completion. Action: Clerk to complete and forward the application to DCC.

Provision of Footpath – Westleigh

Site meeting has taken place. Fence to be installed in late June. It has been highlighted that there is likely to be an additional cost of £300. Action: Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts to approach Cllr F. Biederman – DCC for a Locality Grant.

Memorial Gardens

An issue was raised by a parishioner relating to the ownership of the land adjacent to the War Memorial Gardens. Action: The Clerk to check with DCC. Discussion then took place on the need to investigate the cost of undertaking additional maintenance on the War Memorial Site. Action: Clerk to obtain to arrange for contractors to visit site and price the required works.

Highway Issues

Repairs to potholes in Parish have not been undertaken by DCC . Action: Clerk to contact DCC to check on progress.

MH05/15.8: Chairman’s Report – no new items to report since the last meeting

MH05/15.9: Correspondence

Letter from Barnstaple Town Council – Councillor Training June 2015. Training available to all Councillors a full day “Being a Better Councillor”. Action: Councillors to contact the Clerk if interested in attending the training.

MH05/15.10: Finance

The following request for cheque payments were put forward for consideration:

A cheque for £256.34 to Community First – Insurance policy renewal – Clerk to contact the insurers to add new noticeboards, and enquire if the BT Kiosk needs to be added to the policy.

A cheque for £64.99 to the Clerk for expenses. Expenses for mileage for elections, annual audit, printing and stationary, and audit fees.

Proposed by Cllr J, White, and seconded by Cllr L. Burgess that the payment of the cheques be approved.

Annual Audit – Auditors Recommendations:

To set up as quarterly reconciliation of accounts with a sub group of Councillors. Investigate if the BT Kiosk needs to be added to the insurance policy. All agreed to implement the recommendations.

MH05/15.11: Planning.

No new planning applications or planning decisions.

Knapp House – Public inquiry

Cllr L. Burgess reported back from the inquiry, which is now underway:

Key points: The inquiry is now on day 6, and the developers, Torridge District Council and Peter Hames – Say No to Knapp Development, have all had the opportunity to call witnesses and make their case. Several members of the public have also had their views heard. The next phase will be conducted by two barristers and Peter Hames, who will make their final submissions to the Inspector of the inquiry.

Cllr L. Burgess reported that a visit to Westleigh and Tapley was planned by the Inspector, and she will confirm dates and times with other Councillors

MH05/15.12: matters raised by Councillor’s/Agenda items for the next meeting.

Agenda item 6 on AGM – nomination of representatives had been deferred to the Parish Meeting.

Taw & Torridge Estuary Forum – nominated Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts. Proposed by Cllr J. White and seconded by Cllr L. Burgess.

Village Hall Committee – nominated Cllr J. White, Proposed by Cllr K. Farrell – Roberts, and seconded by Cllr K. Griffin.

Appointment of Internal Auditor – continue with Mrs Maryjane Scott. Proposed by Cllr. K. Farrell-Roberts, and seconded by Cllr. J. White.

Other matters raised:

Myrtle Cottage, EX39 4NL – Cllr K. Griffin had been contacted by a Parishioner regarding the poor state of repair of the above property. Action: Clerk to contact NDC to clarify the Council’s policy on compulsory purchase of properties, and report back to Councillors.

Horses on Sticks Field – complaint of horse clippings on the road, which causes a danger to dogs. Action: Clerk to contact Christie Estates to make them aware of this issue.

Date of next meeting:

Note the next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on a Wednesday, 1st July, 2015. Commencing at 7.30pm. Venue: Westleigh Village Hall.